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High Interest Checking

Enjoy our premium checking account with preferred
rates when you maintain higher balances.

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Earns Interest  • $100 minimum deposit to open  • No charge for select checks

Why High Interest Checking?

Earn a competitive interest rate on your money with this relationship-based account. This account allows you the opportunity to open our High Interest Money Market account. It is a powerful combination when accounts work together. Plus, you’ll receive a multitude of discounts, waivers and all the complimentary services you expect.

Featured Perks

Plus, even more complimentary services.

Visa® Debit Card

Accepted at Millions of Merchant Locations


Make fast, secure purchases, pay bills and monitor transactions and statements—all with our no annual fee Visa® Debit Card.

We have your back

Get protection from unauthorized purchases with Visa's Zero Liability policy.*

Hundreds of ATMs available

IBERIABANK ATMs feature touchscreen technology and the ability to deposit multiple checks envelope free.

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Common Fees

Monthly $20 Fee Waived If...

  • You either maintain an average monthly balance of $5,000 or more;
  • OR maintain a combined average collected balance of $25,000 or more per statement cycle in your personal checking, savings or money market or CD accounts; 
  • OR Have a monthly outstanding balance of $25,000 in consumer loans;
  • OR You are a small business owner and have an IBERIABANK small business checking account*


$0 for using an IBERIABANK ATM to complete a transaction.


IBERIABANK foreign ATM usage fee is waived.

Receive up to $15 in foreign ATM surcharge credits per monthly statement when a non-IBERIABANK ATM is used.

Overdraft Fees

$35 per item per presentment (maximum of 6 per day)

Overdraft (Paid) Item Fee applies to overdrafts created by checks, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals or other electronic means. This fee will be assessed for ATM and normal, everyday debit card transaction only if you opt-in for this service. You have thirty days to pay an overdraft. We may not pay overdrafts that exceed your overdraft limit or if the account isn't handled as agreed and reserve the right not to pay for any reason. 

No Overdraft Paid Item Fee will be assessed if at the end of the business day, your account is overdrawn by $5 or less after all transactions have posted.

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