Treasury Management

Every transaction counts

Cash management is critical to your business operations. We have the team and the products to ensure the process is efficient and secure.

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Mitigate Risk

  • Remote Deposit Capture

    Save time. Make non-cash deposits straight from your office by submitting deposits with the provided scanner.

    • Gain faster access to funds
    • Enhance security and fraud protection
    • Easier research capabilities
    • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations


    View our Remote Deposit tutorial.


  • Incoming ACH and Wire Transfers

    Get set up to receive payments electronically. Payments are transferred directly from your customers’ bank accounts to yours.

    • Funds available on effective date
    • Saves time and reduces paperwork
    • Convenient for your customers
  • Lockbox Services

    Your customers’ paper payments are delivered directly to a bank-controlled post-office box. Items are securely sorted, delivered and deposited daily for faster access to incoming receipts.

  • Merchant Services

    Process debit and credit card payments in a cost-effective way. It’s an added convenience for your customers that can boost your sales.


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  • TreasuryConnect®

    Your business’ cash management information at your fingertips. The IBERIABANK TreasuryConnect® online banking platform is an efficient and secure gateway to manage your funds on a daily basis.

    Learn more about TreasuryConnect® by viewing the TreasuryConnect® video.

    Download the secure browser:

    TreasuryConnect® (Windows Users)
    TreasuryConnect® (Mac Users)

  • TreasuryConnect Mobile®

    The IBERIABANK TreasuryConnect® app provides quick and secure access to account information 24/7.  Use the IBERIABANK TreasuryConnect® tablet app to perform essential cash management functions anywhere, anytime.  


    Click here to access TreasuryConnect® from your tablet device.
    Download the mobile app from App Store or Google Play.
  • Information Management

    With TreasuryConnect, you can download and view account information to research, track activity, and pull reports. You can also:

    • Access check images and statements
    • Confirm payment activity
    • Schedule alerts and notices
    • Manage access and security for company and users
    • Upload positive pay files and decision exception items
    • Enter stop payments
  • Transactional Ability

    TreasuryConnect allows you to easily transfer funds between accounts, manage lines of credit and loan payments, as well as:

    • Initiate ACH transactions
    • Initiate foreign (USD) and domestic wire transactions
  • Investment Sweep

    Earn revenue using the automated sweep investment. Sweep investments are liquid and earn a competitive rate of interest. Each day, collected balances sweep into the investment account and are available the next business day to fund transactions in the checking account as needed.



  • Line of Credit Sweep

    Use excess balances from your deposit account to automatically pay down an open line of credit. Each day funds over your target balance will be automatically applied toward your line of credit.

  • Zero Balance Account

    Maximize use of idle balances by automatically concentrating deposits and disbursements to an operating account (“parent”) while keeping separate payment accounts (“child”) for record keeping.  The separate accounts are linked to an operating account and will maintain a zero balance or predetermined target balance.

  • Outgoing ACH & Wire Transfers

    Make company payments electronically, from employee payroll direct deposit to accounts payable to vendors. Save time and money while reducing the risk associated with issuing checks.

  • Purchasing Card

    The IBERIABANK Visa® Purchasing Card streamlines the procurement process. Card-based technology can significantly reduce the cost of paper-intensive purchase order processes.


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  • Positive Pay

    Combat fraudulent account activity with Positive Pay. By comparing the client’s check issue information with checks presented to IBERIABANK for payment, Positive Pay ensures the authenticity of every check before it is authorized.

  • Account Reconciliation

    Load electronic files of cleared checks and quickly identify outstanding checks.  You can review checks in order paid with check number, dollar amount, and date paid. IBERIABANK can also provide you with paper reports.

Online Security

We offer a unique, secure browser that enables clients to safely send payments, transfer funds between accounts, and initiate ACH transactions.  We employ strong security measures to protect your information allowing you to establish limits and controls to manage risk and maintain a secure business environment.

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