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Visa Platinum Credit Card

Visa Platinum Credit Card

What does Platinum with IBERIABANK get you? A premier credit card with a valuable reward program along with our low, competitive rates.

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IBERIABANK Visa Platinum Benefits
  • No annual fee
  • Low IBERIABANK interest rates
  • Reward program
  • 1 point for each $1 in qualifying purchases
  • Worldwide Visa acceptance
  • Free online account access
  • Verified by Visa online shopping protection

Additional Visa Platinum Card Benefits:

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IBERIABANK Credit Card Agreements

Below are the current IBERIABANK credit card product offerings agreements. If you are not an IBERIABANK Bank customer and are interested in a credit card program from IBERIABANK visit If you are a local IBERIABANK customer please visit your local branch for the current available products or the website listed above. Customers who would like a copy of a credit card disclosure not listed below may call 1-800-217-7715 or email

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