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Cash Outflow Services

Cash Outflow

IBERIABANK provides a full suite of services to streamline accounts payable, saving you valuable employee time, reducing errors, and boosting your bottom line.

Contact us online or speak to your IBERIABANK Relationship Banker to learn more about any of the following services.

ACH Credits / Direct Deposit

Set up your company to make payments electronically, including direct deposit of employee payroll.

  • Reduce administrative workload
  • Save time and money
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce fraud risk associated with issuing checks
  • Streamline account payable to vendors

Purchasing Card

Streamline the procurement process with card-based technology. This solution can sharply reduce the costs of traditional paper intensive purchase order process. Combining the power of Visa® and leading edge payment technology can result in new efficiency in the procure-to-pay process.

  • Reduction in cost over paper based PO process
  • Extend payment terms and reduce cost of working capital
  • Strong new online payment technology

Learn more about the benefits of an IBERIABANK Purchasing Card.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay, one of the most effective anti-fraud tools available today, detects fraudulent checks while strengthening the client's internal controls. This service combats fraudulent activity by comparing the check issue information provided by the client with checks presented to IBERIABANK for payment. If an exception occurs, the check will not be honored unless authorized by your company.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are an immediate method to transfer funds securely to any destination. IBERIABANK Treasury Connect provides the ability to send wires through a secure environment.

  • Initiate domestic and international wires in U.S. dollars
  • Wire transfers in foreign currency are available at branch locations

Reconciliation Services

Deposit Reconciliation

Deposit Reconciliation enables deposits from multiple locations to be credited to a single deposit account.

Partial Reconciliation

IBERIABANK provides your company with a paper or electronic file showing all checks paid in numerical order, including check number, dollar amount, and date paid. Your business can load electronic files of cleared checks and quickly identify check still outstanding.

Full Reconciliation

Your business provides IBERIABANK with an electronic file of all issued checks. IBERIABANK then matches and identifies all checks paid and, in return, issues a list of checks paid and outstanding.