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Cash Inflow Services

Cash Inflow

IBERIABANK provides a full suite of services to streamline accounts receivable, saving you valuable employee time, reducing errors, and boosting your bottom line.

Contact us online or speak to your IBERIABANK Relationship Banker to learn more about any of the following services.

ACH Debits

Set up your company to receive payments electronically. Payments are transferred directly from your customers' bank accounts to your account.

  • Funds available on effective date
  • Saves time and reduces paperwork
  • Convenience feature for your customers

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote deposit allows your company to make non-cash deposits from your office. Through the use of a provided desktop scanner, you eliminate repeated trips to the bank while processing deposits more quickly.

  • Save employee time
  • Gain faster access to funds
  • Enhance security and fraud protection
  • Improved research capabilities
  • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations

View our Remote Deposit Video Tutorial

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Lockbox Services

Commercial lockbox service eliminates time-consuming tasks while providing faster access to incoming receipts. Paper payments from your customers are delivered directly to a bank-controlled post-office box. Items are securely sorted, delivered, and deposited daily.

  • Save time and money while reducing workload
  • Get receivables to bank faster and safer
  • Reduce float on check payments
  • Eliminates need for your staff to sort mail

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Lockbox Online - Naples, FL

Merchant Services

Cost-effective processing of debit and credit card payments from your customers. This business necessity can boost your sales while providing convenience to both you and your customers.

  • Multiple terminal options and solutions available
  • Processing of all major cards
  • Electronic check processing available
  • Gift card and loyalty card programs

Learn more about our comprehensive Merchant Services programs.