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Business Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Give your employees a place to save for future medical expenses, tax-free. The funds in a Health Savings Account are owned entirely by the individual. This account offers employees a more efficient way to cover healthcare costs with no administrative burden for your business.

Health Savings Account

Employer HSA benefits include:

  • No administrative burden
  • Popular benefit among employees
  • Retain employees and help recruiting with this flexible option
  • Nominal setup fees apply

Employee HSA benefits include:

  • Interest-bearing savings account for future medical expenses
  • Earn interest and withdraw funds tax-free*
  • Set up direct deposit for tax-free income*
  • Quick and easy access to medical savings
  • Free IBERIABANK HSA debit card
  • Funds roll over annually
  • Account not tied to employer

*When used for qualified medical expenses.